Second Wind Pudelpointers, Custer WI 54423

Versatile hunting dogs, family friends! Second Wind Kennel

Versatile hunting dogs, family friends! Second Wind Kennel

Versatile hunting dogs, family friends! Second Wind Kennel Versatile hunting dogs, family friends! Second Wind Kennel Versatile hunting dogs, family friends! Second Wind Kennel

Best versatile hunting dogs for Wisconsin!

Versatile hunting dog testing

Why Pudelpointers?

For upland game or waterfowl, Pudelpointers are Wisconsin's best versatile hunting dogs. I've hunted over pointing dogs for 45 years, the last sixteen over four different Pudelpointers. The first two came from Cedarwoods bloodstock, and the last two from Rock Creek Kennels.  All have been wonderful, prey driven, intelligent, family friendly dogs.

Pudelpointer, pride of Versatile hunting dogs!

Kjelda Marie, (Rock Creek Dot)

"Kjelda Marie is an amazing dog, the best I've owned, although all have been remarkable, eager, prey driven hunters, good family dogs and extremely biddable, except perhaps with a rooster on the run... A product of Rock Creek Kennels, Kjelda is a not only wonderful hunting dog, but a good family friend.  She has been bred for a litter this spring, and has produced amazing pups in the past. Only two pups from her last litter tested in NAVHDA's Natural Ability Test and both produced a perfect score of 112 points for a Prize 1."

Pudelpointer sire.

Cedarwoods Harley

Harley is the sire of Kjelda's next litter. Harley earned  a NAVHDA Prize 1 Utility Championship and an Invitational test.  He is a large,strong, friendly dog who loves water and has two full siblings used in Cedarwoods breeding program.  He will add size and stamina to Kjelda's wonderful qualities. 

Pudelpointer puppies!


Kjelda should whelp in March which would make puppies available in mid-May.  Although we don't ship puppies as air freight, we make every effort short of that to make puppies available to appropriate hunting homes. We also work hard to insure the puppies have appropriate socialization before they move on after eight weeks.


Puppy Perfection!

     I bought my first hunting dog from Fred in June 2018, Second Wind's Layla. She is an absolutely amazing dog, a complete sweetheart in the house with an outstanding prey drive in the field and in the water. As of 12/3/18, she completed numerous hunts, and has dozens of points and retrieves. Not too shabby for an 8 month old dog!

Training with Layla has been extremely easy. She learns very quickly and is generally excited to train. As of now, she is steady to point, pretty decent at retrieving, and very compliant to whoa, kennel, sit, come, heal, search and fetch. She is an amazing dog.

Fred and Pam have been fantastic to work with throughout the process. We talked to a number of breeders while looking for our first Pudelpointer, and we were so impressed with them, we flew out to pick our dog up and made the 14 hour drive home from Wisconsin with our puppy. Fred and Pam were very helpful through the process, they answered all of my beginner questions with attentiveness and enthusiasm. You can tell that they genuinely care about the Pudelpointer as a breed and the placement of their dogs with families. The photos of Layla are by Renata Cannaday.

I would highly recommend contacting Fred if you are in the market for a new hunting dog that can also be a family dog as well.

-Jennifer and Dave Siejka

     I've had the pleasure of hunting with Fred and his Pudelpointers for many years now and his dogs are always top-notch hunters. The last two years Kjelda has been doing an outstanding job of finding and bringing in the birds in all weathers. She is very eager to please, has a remarkable work ethic, soft mouth and an extremely keen nose. Birds seldom escape her notice. She is the dog any serious bird hunter would love to have.

-Tom Staack. Plover, Wisconsin

     I once had a field champion lab that I compare to all dogs.  I've never come across a dog with an intelligence level close to his... until now.  Ziva continues to amaze me. She has not had as much training as I would like, but she doesn't seem to need it.  Incredible prey drive, extremely eager to please, and truthfully, the most intelligent pup I have ever seen.  You hit a home run with this litter.

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